Stephanie: Overcoming a Plateau in Training!

“In the 6 weeks I’ve been working with Martin, I have seen progress again!”

I have only known Stephanie a very short time. She reached out to me in November 2022 and had been on an incredible health and fitness transformation. Since January she had lost an insane amount of weight through hard work and dedication but had reached a plateau.

My goal here wasn’t to give Stephanie a programme to follow as she had already made significant progress. It was to understand why the plateau had happened and was there anything she could introduce or change in her training and lifestyle that couple get her back on track.

Over to Stephanie:

“The main reservation I had about starting with Martin was that I am quite introverted, so it was difficult to reach out and ask for help. Additionally, I struggle with self-confidence so the thought of going to the weights area in the gym was quite daunting. When I eventually reached out, we set up a meeting to talk through my journey so far and this settled my nerves when it came to working with Martin.

I had made a significant weight loss & training progress myself before we started working together but hit a plateau in training & weight loss so sought out Martin’s professional advice to kick start progress again. 

In the 6 weeks I’ve been working with Martin, I have seen progress again! Switching up my mindset has allowed me to think about small goals and adjust them when I achieve them. Things like increasing my weights every session or trying for an extra repetition each session has helped me get stronger over the last few weeks and has kickstarted my progress again.

I’ve also gained confidence in the gym since the encouragement with the programme to push myself out of my comfort zone in small steps. 

I have found that the flexibility of online coaching and training has fit in well with my busy lifestyle & being able to access workouts for at home or at the gym 

I have 100% enjoyed the training in spite of recent challenges giving me a training set back, I’ll continue to modify and progress rather than quit and revert to old habits”. 

It is easy to hit plateau’s in your training. But what’s key is to focus on small goals. Daily or weekly goals allow you to adjust and improve your training or lifestyle objectives in real time whilst still working towards the bigger goal. In Stephanie’s case, it was shifting her mindset to focus on smaller daily goals and introduce the concept of progressive overload into her training. This allowed her to continue seeing improvements in the gym, keeping her motivation up and since that she has seen progress with her overall goal!

If you can relate to Stephanie’s journey and have found yourself not making the progress you had hoped, reach out! I would love to help you out. You can reach my via email at


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