Active Children = Happy Children

Committed to Supporting Children Within Our Community!

Our multi-sport delivery within the community is at the very heart of why we are a community organisation. Our mission is to help more children engage positively with sport and exercise to improve their wellbeing.

We currently work across various areas and have different services on offer including Community Sport Delivery, Nursery/Out of School Care Partnerships, Youth Organisation Partnerships and School Holiday Camps.

Within each area, our goal remains the same; to provide fun, safe and inclusive sporting opportunities for all children and young people in Renfrewshire.

Nursery/Out of School Care Partnerships


Our Nursery delivery is the newest addition to our sport coaching. Our goal is to simply engage children aged 3-5 with an introduction to sport. By doing so, we aim to equip them with greater life skills such as socialisation, leadership, team work as well as improve their physical and mental development during fun, safe and inclusive sessions.

12 Months Coaching Package: Only £599!

Out of School Care

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Our OSC delivery takes the same fundamental approach as our nursery delivery but develops on the sports and skills learnt through sport. We develop their physical and mental wellbeing across more complex sporting opportunities whilst maintaining fun and enjoyment at the heart!

12 Months Coaching: Only £999!

Community Sport Clubs (What's On?)

Inchinnan SportyFun Club 

Our Inchinnan club runs every Tuesday from 6.30-7.30pm based at Inchinnan Parish Church. It is a safe, supportive and enjoyable place for 5-11 year olds as we introduce a variety of sports each week and have one goal for each each session; HAVE FUN!

Kilbarchan Footy Fun Club

Our Kilbarchan club runs every Sunday, 3-4pm based at Kilbarchan Parish Church. It is the home of FootyFun in Renfrewshire! It is all about playing football; no pressure, friendly and game orientated with an emphasis on enjoyment for 5-11 year olds. Regardless of whether or not your child has played football before or just looking for a fun club to join, this is the place to be in Kilbarchan!