The Get Active Weightlifting Club: Dual Membership

£35.00 / month with 1 month free trial



Introducing The Get Active Weightlifting Club!

Our club is an inclusive community working towards helping our members build strength, confidence and longevity.

Our club is based in a private training studio at 64 Murray Street, Paisley and runs on a Monday 12.30-13.30pm and a Thursday 8-9pm.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, our club provides you with the feeling of a group exercise class combined with the personal, structured approach of a personal training session.

It’s simply all about helping you improve the quality of your life outside of the gym and empowering you to feel confident, strong and resilient.

By joining this membership, you will receive access to both classes each week alongside a membership pack including a Workout Sweater and a downloadable Strength & Conditioning Manual!

Join today, get active and have fun 💪

New members get 1 month free to trial our weightlifting club!!


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