Langbank Community Sports Club: Impact Report

Executive Summary:

Our Community Multi-Sport Club in Langbank has been a catalyst for positive change in the lives of children aged 6-16. With an average attendance of 25 children per session, the club has not only promoted physical activity but also fostered an environment conducive to overall wellbeing in an area that struggles with barriers to participation.

Key Findings:

– 83% of parents have observed an improvement in their children’s overall wellbeing.

– A significant 92% of parents report that their children are experiencing better sleep patterns.

– 67% of parents have noticed enhancements in their children’s behaviour, sleep quality, engagement in activities, and a surge in energy levels.

– 2 local young people identified as volunteers that are currently in senior high school or studying at university.

Health and Fitness Benefits:

Participation in our club’s activities has been instrumental in improving cardiovascular health, muscle development, coordination, and flexibility among the children. The variety of sports offered ensures a full-body workout, crucial for growing bodies.

Wellbeing and Behavioural Improvements:

The structured environment of our club provides routine and discipline, which translates into better behaviour at home and school. The reported improvements in sleep and energy levels are indicative of the positive impact of regular physical activity on the circadian rhythm and overall health.

Community and Social Impact:

Our club has also served as a community hub, fostering social skills and teamwork among participants. It has become a valued asset in the community, contributing to the social fabric and providing a safe space for children to grow and learn.


Our Community Multi-Sport Club in Langbank is more than just a venue for physical activity; it’s a cornerstone for holistic child development. The reported benefits by parents underscore the club’s role in nurturing healthier, happier, and more well-rounded individuals.This report encapsulates the profound influence our Community Multi-Sport Club has on children’s lives in Langbank, highlighting the essential role of such initiatives in promoting a balanced and healthy lifestyle from a young age.

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