Kilbarchan Out of School Care: Impact Report

Executive Summary:

Our sport delivery at Kilbarchan Out of School Care has significantly impacted the children, their parents, and the staff. The program’s diverse range of activities has not only enhanced the children’s enjoyment of sports but also contributed to notable improvements in their sleep quality and overall well-being.

1. Enhanced Child Engagement with Sport:

Children have expressed a high level of satisfaction with the variety of games provided, which include both traditional ball games and creative playground tag games. This diversity has been instrumental in maintaining high levels of enthusiasm and participation.

2. Positive Parental Feedback:

Parents have observed a marked improvement in their children’s sleep patterns, attributing this change to our weekly sports activities. Better sleep is known to lead to numerous benefits, such as:

– Improved engagement and energy levels

– Enhanced attention and cognitive function

– Overall better physical health

3. Staff Well-being and Performance:

The delivery of our program has had a positive ripple effect on the staff, who report a reduction in stress levels. This has translated into better engagement with daily activities and a more vibrant care environment.

4. Coaching Excellence:

The service has highlighted the exceptional performance of our coaches. Their energy and ability to connect with the children have been pivotal in creating an absorbing and supportive atmosphere conducive to active participation.


Our sports delivery at Kilbarchan Out of School Care is a resounding success, delivering substantial benefits across the board. The children’s enjoyment, improved sleep patterns, staff well-being, and the high caliber of coaching are all testaments to the program’s positive impact and continued impact in the coming months as our partnership grows stronger.

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