Fiona: Losing The Lockdown Pounds!

I first started with Martin during lockdown. Like many people I was turning to exercise as a way to pass the time plus I had gained a few lockdown pounds. Being able to work with someone in a Covid free environment appealed. 

In terms of barriers I guess I was worried about how long it had been since I last worked out and how unfit I had got and concerned at going at a pace that wasn’t right for me. 

In terms of benefits I gained a lot working with Martin. He was a good person to talk to and always recognised when I was having a bad day! Britney playlists, sharing Netflix recommendations, and setting mini goals helped me get my fitness motivation back as well as recognising some days a power walk was just what I needed to blow off steam!
I really enjoyed seeing myself progress and working with weights and getting stronger. 
I now feel I am in a better place with my overall health and fitness. I went to my first public gym class recently and the instructor commented that I had good form with weights and I put that down to Martin’s training!

Like many of us, lockdown took its toll on our mental and physical wellbeing. Fiona was determined to get back to who she was a few years ago, which is why she reached out to me. As she mentioned, she was looking to get a bit fitter, lose a couple of pounds and feel better within herself. However, I think she would agree, it became more than that. It was an outlet. Somewhere to blow off steam after a stressful day with work or just feeling rubbish given the world we were living in at the time. 

I am pleased to say that Fiona smashed it! We were training on a patch of grass outside her own, with minimal equipment but we stayed consistent. The biggest reward for me was seeing her confidence grow week in, week out. Even on the tougher days, she still got stuck in whenever it was time to work out. 

I am proud of where she is today and she should be too!

If you find yourself in the same position, I am only a message away – 


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