Davina: My Diabetes Journey


My name is Davina and over the last 6 years I have lost around 48lbs (22kg approx.) in weight!


In 2009 I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and High Cholesterol. Then, shortly after in 2011, I discovered I also had high blood pressure (I was a stroke waiting to happen!). The biggest shock regarding my health came when the doctor told me that I had Type 2 Diabetes. I couldn’t believe it. It was at this point I made the decision to make a change. I wanted to become healthier and not let my recent diagnosis define me. By this point, I was well over 13 stone (82.5kg) at 5ft 4, and due to perimenopause and the steroids I was taking for the Rheumatoid Arthritis, the weight was only on the up until I intervened.

So, in 2016 I started on a healthier eating programme and started walking regularly. It was small changes like this that really kickstarted my weight loss journey and slowly, but surely, the weight came down. Over the last 6 years I have lost around 48lbs and currently weighing around 10 stone 7lbs (67kg). Although I was losing weight, I also felt that I needed to focus on improving my fitness, which is when I reached out to Martin at GAC in November 2020. At this point, I was managing my weight, but I didn’t just want to be in a constant battle. I wanted to be in control, completely. And this meant taking charge of my fitness, becoming more active and improving my strength. Whilst my weight hasn’t changed over the last couple of years, with my new fitness regime, I have toned up and absolutely delighted with my results. For the last 2 years (through a pandemic!) I have been out in the freezing cold, consistently turning up for each workout. So much so that it is now part of my daily/weekly routine.

The impact of my consistency working with Martin is that my cholesterol has dropped considerably, my blood pressure is now within normal ranges, and I am managing my Arthritis more through exercise. I am still battling my diabetes, but from where I was 6 years ago until now, I cannot believe the difference and it all started with small changes built upon over time. I am still working closely with Martin, and we train together 2 days per week, alongside his advice and support around nutrition and sleep/recovery I am in a much better place than I was 6 years ago. 

If you’re struggling with health and fitness issues, reach out for support. There are plenty of honest, caring coaches out there who will help you to reach your personal goals or simply give you advice on the next step to take”.

Davina’s story is very inspirational to me as a Health and Fitness Coach as she has been working so hard for so long and just kept with it. Now she is in complete control of her health and fitness and has the resources and support to maintain and even improve her fitness as well!

If you are struggling, you are not alone. You can drop me a message anytime for FREE advice or support. My email is coachgetactive@gmail.com so don’t be a stranger. Or if you are ready to take th next step and want support around training, eating and sleeping then let’s get to work! 


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