Alison: Building My Confidence

I have been coaching Alison for a few months now. Whilst she has made excellent progress, both physically and mentally. I think her story and journey is a bit more relatable to many people. I won’t spoil it by giving it away too soon so have a read and drop me a comment if you can relate to anything Alison has experienced! 

What were the frustrations you were experiencing that led you to seek my services? Was there something in particular you wanted to address? 


“I was really motivated to get using the gym but had no idea what to do to make it worthwhile for each session to get the most out of it. I was frustrated mostly at myself for not having the confidence to go and use the gym including the lifting section as i was more bothered about making a fool of myself for not knowing how to use equipment properly!”

Were there any reservations about getting started with me? Anything that held you back? 
“My main reservation was my lack of confidence. It’s difficult to gain confidence without actually just getting into the training sessions but it’s a daunting thing as you feel a bit silly if you don’t know what you’re doing so it’s a catch 22!”
What were some of the benefits, both physically and mentally, that you have gained since working with me? 
“Mentally, my confidence has taken a huge leap. I now feel empowered to give most things a go in the gym as I have the knowledge of how to use each piece of equipment properly. I leave each session feeling great as I have a sense of achievement after each session due to your motivation!
Physically, my fitness levels have improved immensely due to the style of the sessions. The push/pull activities have made me much stronger, but the HIIT style end of the sessions has pushed me to my limits sometimes but has definitely improved my fitness levels!”
How did my coaching help you achieve results? What was different about the process that really resonated with you? 
“Martin offered a different approach to fitness than what I had been used to. The philosophy that any movement – be it a full workout, short sharp burst of 20 mins HIIT or even just a walk- was a great way to re-evaluate my relationship with exercise, knowing that I didn’t need to feel guilty if I didn’t make it to the gym each day. This made fitness become part of my day to day rather than having to plan in something big each day which has definitely played a part in the huge difference I feel in my fitness levels”.
The hardest part about taking control of your health and fitness is taking that first step. For a lot of people, that thing that is holding you back is often a lack of self belief and a lack of know how. The gym especially can be a very intimidating place. Even more so if you are not accustomed to weight training. For Alison, she was motivated. She was ready to take that next step and take charge of her own health and fitness but the one thing that was holding her back was a lack of confidence. 
During our sessions, my goal was to help Alison feel comfortable with different key exercises (Squat, Deadlift etc) but also feel comfortable setting up for these movements so that she could replicate this with her own training. Yes, we were working to improve her performance at the same time. But if I could get Alison to a place where she felt comfortable enough to train on her own and simply use some support and guidance from time to time, then I would be a happy coach. 
As always, if you want some support or advice with your health and fitness, I am only just an email away! 
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