5 Minute Daily Stretching Routine!

I want to take this opportunity and say a huge well done to all of my Health and Fitness Members! So many huge moments in recent moments and weeks from increasing the weights, improving confidence, losing a couple of extra pounds or just simply enjoying their training journey! You guys are amazing.

For those asking, I now currently only have only 1 space available for my Online Health and Fitness Coaching!! 

If you are someone who is comfortable training on your own but just not sure where to start or not seeing results, then this is for you! You will join a programme that is fixated on you to provide structure and flexibility around your training to help you feel stronger, fitter and more confident, whilst still giving you time for your family and work. Yup, it can work around your busy life. Yup, you can follow a structured training programme and still enjoy the treats, family time and life! Thats what it’s all about right?

If you are interested, I would love to hear from you – coachgetactive@gmail.com

Now, back to today’s message….

With more and more people working from home, in office jobs or just succumbing to their mobile phones, posture is become a public health crisis!

Am I being dramatic, maybe a little bit. But I strongly believe that modern working is causing a health crisis over the next few years with more circulatory and postural issues arising. Sitting for long periods of the day alone, causes a lot of potential neck, back and hip problems. Not to mention it can also cause circulatory issues in your feet and legs due to inactivity.

So… I have put together a 5-minute stretching routine you can do daily, hourly, or even 10 minutely (if that’s a phrase?). Consisting of 5 simple movements!

Cat/Cow Stretch

Glute Bridges

Kneeling Side Bend (left and right)

Leaning Wall Stretch

Hanging Toe Touch

To follow this routine, aim to complete around 1 minute on each exercise resting as needed during and between movements. Maybe start with 10-20 seconds on each movement with a 10 second rest between and build up over the next few days.

Now, in the world of stretching. There are obviously millions of combinations you can incorporate to mobilise your body. But, here, I have focussed specifically on hip, back and shoulder mobility movements to loosen off the body parts that may be subject to your typical long day of sitting. There are also my favourite movements for stretching off in general.

To make the most of these stretches, I would aim to increase your blood flow prior to starting. So, think about going for a walk to get our blood flowing again after sitting for a period of time then begin your routine. I would aim to incorporate movement every hour (or sooner) if your working life means sitting for large portions of the day. Moving often will help to maintain healthy circulation, healthy posture and give your brain and eyes a break from the screen!

These are simply some of the stretches I use, so please feel free to mix up the order, add more in, take some away and make your own routine out of them as you please. And as always, if you are not sure how to start with an exercise programme? My email is always available coachgetactive@gmail.com


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