Linstone Community Wellbeing Funding Approved: Get Active, Feel Better Programme




It has been a busy few months for us at Get Active Coaching HQ. Having established the business as a Social enterprise amid the current crisis, we have been adapting our delivery to suit the new “normal”. With an overwhelming variety of exercise and fitness programmes to choose from, we decided not to compete directly with other businesses. Instead, we wanted to take a different route: a route that will help their community long term, with a sustainable programme that still helps people get active – which of course, is at the core of everything their Social Enterprise stands for. It is with this philosophy that we decided to tackle the mental health problems that have been brought to light and exacerbated during these difficult times. Problems such as increased stress and anxiety, depression, and loneliness. In addition, the limitation on access to exercise establishments and equipment has impacted our community physically as well. With more people struggling mentally, the obesity crisis in the west of Scotland is surely on the rise as well. With all of this going on, we have been working hard to bring to the community, a programme that tackles these issues directly. A programme that brings our local community together. A place for families to get active, socialise and have fun.


The “Get Active, Feel Better” programme will last 6 weeks, and it will commence on Monday 6th July. Each class will be delivered online, allowing people and families to take part from the comfort of their own living room or garden. It is completely free to sign up which can be done via our website. The programme will have something for everyone and the emphasis on each session is on having fun!


Founder, Martin McKellar said, ’I’ve been overwhelmed with the support and engagement since the business launched in 2019. Although these are unique times we are living in, as a team, we very much look forward to helping everyone get through it by remaining physically and mentally well. This programme will provide a crucial service in Renfrewshire. It will allow families the support they need to tackle the mental and physical issues brought on by the current crisis. The programme is fully inclusive of all ages and abilities and will create an online community environment for people to get active and have fun!”


Get Active Coaching will be assisted by local specialists including, Energise with Laura (Yoga), CJR Physique and Fitness (Personal Trainer), Zumba with Susanne (Zumba), John Martin Community Coaching (Multi Sport), Jones and Us (Disability Sport). The full timetable including times and days for each coach is available on our website.


Whilst it is important to recognise how difficult these times are for everyone; health and wellbeing remain paramount. It is the mission of ‘Get Active Coaching CIC’ to provide this both now and in the future to all of their customers.


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