Mental Health Week 2020

18-24th May

Everyone at Get Active Coaching recognise how important mental health is for our overall well-being. This understanding has been the cornerstone of why we wanted to become a Social Enterprise. We want to help people become healthier and happier through exercise.
So rather than trying to talk about mental health, we are going to do what we know best… Act on it! What do we mean by that? Well, as this coming week is mental health week, we are going to tie in with The Mental Health Foundation Campaign and help promote mental wellbeing through exercise. Every day this week we are going to he encouraging you all to get more active. To spend 30 minutes a day during mental health week being active and exercising. This could be a walk around your neighbourhood, gardening or a workout. Just something that gets you moving a feeling better. And in return, we are going to be doing the same.
Our Director Martin explains:
“Exercise is so crucial to your health. For most people who are already involved in sport or go to the gym, they dont even realise how much it is effecting them. Not only physicall but mentally as well. This is part of the reason I started Get Active Coaching. I wanted to try and help people understand how great exercise is for mental wellbeing, as well as for your physical wellbeing. So, my promise for mental health week is that I will do 30 minutes of exercise every day and id love for as many people as possible to do the same. I guarantee you will feel better for it”.
So if you’re struggling for motivation during mentla health week and beyond, why not check out our social media for a new challenge each day as part of our Active Programme, or even drop us a message and we will help you out.
Let’s look out for each other and take care of our physical and mental health by exercising a little but each day!
Have a great day everyone!
Martin McKellar

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