So… In case you weren’t aware, there is a bit of a lockdown situation going on. Since it was announced last week, I’m sure, like me, you have went through just about everything trying to keep your sanity. From cleaning the fridge, to cleaning your walls with a sponge. Yes, I actually did that… Long story but it turned out the smoke from the candles I was lighting, stuck to the walls… Anyways, i have decided to share my 5 activities at home to keep you busy.

As Get Active Coaching is about promoting physical activity and staying active, I have put together a list of 5 activities at home to keep you busy¬† (and sane…). As a result, an active mind is a healthy mind. Here they are in no particular order:


Yes, believe it or not, exercise is a great idea! Getting a little bit of exercise in each and every day will boost your mood and make you more productive. In addition, with all the spare time we have at the moment, you can finally work towards your health and fitness goal whatever it may be. As a result, and to help you with this, I will be posting a #BodyweightWorkoutSeries with exercises you can do anywehre and each worokout only takes about 10 minutes! check it out on my social media.


Thats right! I know the thought of this sounds quite mundane, but hear me out. Not only would you be making your car or home look and smell great again, you will be getting active and even working up a sweat! This is a win, win situation if you ask me.


Being at home all day can be horrific for your eyes. YOUR EYES?? HOW?? Well, I have three words for you: Netflix, phone, laptop. How often have you plopped yourself in front of a screen? Not great at all. Now, replace this with some books! Start with the book that you’ve alwasy wanted to read, or choose one that interests you. Either way, its better for your eyes, keeps your imagination engaged and helps educate yourself. Why not learn how to code websites and make some money during the lockdown? Just a thought….


No, I am not talking about a will or anything like that. I am talking about using this extra time to start planning goals for you and your family. This could be financial goals, career goals, holiday goals or even family goals. Then start putting steps in place that you are going to target when the lockdown is lifted. Having a solid plan in place will help you achieve your dreams as you will have some motivation written down somwehre to keep you on track!


In our busy lives we are all probably guilty of not spending enough time with our families. Now is the perfect time! With modern day technology, all you needs is wifi and you can spend all day with them if you want. The best part? Just turn your wifi off when they start to annoy you… No, but seriously, this is the best time to stay in touch with family. whether its the daily calls to your mum and dad, playing vidoe games with your brother or sister, or just a simple message each day asking how things are. It is important to stay connected during difficult times. Therefore, if you haven’t done this so far, do it now and thank me later.


That’s my lockdown list of 5 things to do to keep you busy. It would be great to hear what you have been up to and any other interesting ideas you have? So why not drop a comment and let me know.

Have a great day!



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