Hey! My name is Martin and I am responsible for Get Active Coaching. That’s right… another sport coaching and exercise service… However, where I feel I seperate myself from other services is that I live the life that I project to my customers. I love all things active.

I grew up playing a number of different sports. For many years I had a sport every night of the week and sometimes twice a day at the weekend. Yes, I’m aware that is excessive. But, i loved every minute of as for the majority of them I was playing for the sake of playing. Because I enjoyed it. Where I believe, sport has gone wrong in recent years is that sport is now all about competition and winning. It is all very structured and can be an intimidating place for young children trying out sport for the first time (or the 50th!). So, thats where Get Active Coaching come in. We specialise in creating developmental sport coaching sessions, with a loose structure to allow each child to be creative and play. No pressure, just fun.

We have taken this approach into every sport coaching session we dliver within the out of school care network. Since starting in October 2019, with only 2 services. We now deliver to 6! I believe, this success is down to how much the children love each session. The relaxed nature of every session makes children feel comfortable, and learn to love sport and physical activity as they start t see it as a place where they get to do what they want (wihtin reason of course) and not what they are told to do.

Now take this methodology and apply it to the community. That is the vision of Get Active Coaching. We want people to learn to love being active, and enjoy it for what it is rather than focussing on how much they weigh, how many calories to eat and so on. Just simply get active and have fun. With this vision, i am working to transition Get Acitve Coaching to become a Social Enterprise so that I can take this simple method and apply it on a larger scale. As I see it, the more people enjoy being active, the happier people will be.

I have big plans for Get Active Coaching. I want our message to be loud and clear in the community that getting active and having fun can go hand in hand. Lets face is, if getting active becomes fun, you are more likely to adopt it as a lifestyle.

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