How do you go about staying active at home?

Being active is hugely important to a healthy lifestyle. Not just for the physical benefits (e.g. maintaining a healthy weight or improve cardiorespiratory function). It is also great for your mental and emotional well being. This is even more important with the world around us coming to a stand still. So how do you stay active when you’re stuck at home?

Well here’s the catch. Staying (or getting) active doesn’t just mean a high intensity gym workout with lots of weights and Spandex… I promise. Getting is much simpler than that. Try going for a stroll around the block with your dog, or playing in the garden with your kids or just making a conscious effort to move around your house a bit more.

Here’s my aim for you! Set aside 30 minutes each day to get active. This could be one single 30 minute stint, or split up throughout the day and just get active! Go for a walk, go for a run, do a quick workout at home, do some stretching and simply just get moving. Again, this does not need to be a pulse racing, sweat it out effort… Just a nice leisurely stroll or some good old fashioned house work from time to time to keep your blood flowing. And let’s face it, there’s always some form of housework to do so get the tunes on and cure the boredom and boost your morale!

If you’re looking for some advice, Get Active Coaching are here to help, just drop us a message or if you want some more detailed information sign up for our Active Anywhere Workout Guide for only £10! Access this via this link:

But remember the challenge! Set aside 30 minutes each day to focus on getting active and I promise you’ll feel the difference.


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